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Boosting Morale Without a Pay Rise

Boosting morale without a pay rise original article from Ice Team Build Events

A 2018 survey released by the National Depression Campaign discovered that financial problems were quoted by 88% of people to be the cause of their depression.

87% by a death or illness in the family and 83% related to work worries – all cited as depression triggers.

It is a vicious cycle; mental worries lead to sickness, sickness leads to absenteeism,  absenteeism leads to lack of productivity, lack of productivity leads to extra stress and workload piled onto the remaining colleagues. The ultimate victim is the company and its long-term survival.

In times of recession and the general lack of ‘normal’ sales, most companies cut back on the advertising stating that they cannot afford it and want to ‘save money’.  This is another spiralling scenario.  However, this is the one-time advertising needs to be stepped-up.  Create a demand and reap the rewards later with extra business flowing-in.  The same applies to staff and the potential problems they can cause a company.

Before staff and colleagues hit rock-bottom with all manner of problems; not everyone openly manifest their problems so knowing your staff and colleagues is vital to spot the tell-tale signs; develop a programme of events to bond your team to be able to get to know them (better), to be able to see where potential problems could arise.  Fore-warned is fore-armed.

Ice Team Build Events is one solution to pre-empting or engaging your staff to see how they react with each other. New friendships will develop from such activities within a department or even the company if several departments are involved.  Friendships come in all different sizes, shapes and areas.

How does it work?

Friendships and bonding of people is a science not a matter of fact process. Placing two people in a work place does not mean they will ‘get-on’ or bond together.  Creating a task outside the work environment; crafting something out of a raw material such as ice is so different to their normal daily job, that it not only does it make them think in a new way, but puts them slightly out of their comfort zone and thus begin to collaborate and rely on someone else or even others to ‘think out of the box’. 

Solving a problem together, again in a non-work situation that does not involve work-stress is a positive activity.

Using their brain, their hand-eye co-ordination and verbal skills as well as collaborative skills is what Ice Team Build carving is all about for many.  It is not a skill they will use in everyday life, however the various demands it exerts on each participant allows them to relieve stress, be able to think in possibly an innovative way and to acquire a new or different appreciation for their colleagues.

You may not be able to give staff a pay rise today, however if productivity rises, cash flow improves and profitability increases – a pay rise could potentially be on the close horizon.  It all starts with ‘thinking out of the box’ and trying something new and different – Ice Team Building events have helped many companies in so many positive ways.



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