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The Bragging Rights Trophy

The Bragging Rights Trophy - original article from Ice Team Build Events

The Bragging Rights Trophy -

Team Building and distinctly Ice Team Building have many traits and characteristics that create long and indelible memories in people. One characteristic of this is the Bragging Rights Trophy.

Bragging rights in any activity can be both good and bad of course. Tug-o-war is gender specific where men (generally – in the average work place) are stronger than women. It is a fair guess that the men will win where one team is made-up of all women and the other of all men. Ice Team Building is gender-neutral where none of this bias exist.

Studies have shown that competition and neutral gender competition, leads to greater productivity in an antagonistic (men v women) or intimidating work environment.

Creating competition is beneficial if it is healthy competition conducted in a friendly and fun atmosphere.  A win-win situation will be the ultimate outcome.

We all know one aspect of Team Building is; Bonding. However, that bonding can backfire if the Team Build is not fair, exciting or controlled (but not controlling).

Creating that exuberance

A few Team Build Event companies (mainly new ones to the industry) construct events and activities to suit themselves – things they like to do.  This is not necessarily what the participants want or like. Boredom can set in for the partakers; the enjoyment is not there and the bonding at the end of the event is non-existent.  It has been ‘a day out’ and no more than that for them.

Taking it to the next level

In Ice Team Building, groups of three or four members not only bond together but build a (subconscious or not) hierarchy small-knit group; Leader, planner, worker and so forth.  This small group is then pitted against other Ice Team Build groups in the room. It is a complex, psychological melange; The room becomes one big Group pulling together with the individual smaller groups vying for the right to brag about their winning sculpture.

In these small groups, their activity is not gender specific.  All men, all women, a mixture of men and women can work together for the benefit of their group.  Where the activity or session has consisted of all men or all women, the level of competition has been heightened and has a different slant.  The elation of a group winning leads to memorable (friendly) banter and almost tribe-like attitudes forming; earning the ultimate bragging Rights.

We are The Champions

When a successful Ice Team Build session has taken place, it is vital that a follow-up and ‘second-showdown’ is held for the company and the participants. The bonding is rekindled, the memory of the first activity is brought back, and the competition reawakened.

The benefits to the company are exponential; A thrilling, stimulating and ultimately increased business (financial bottom line) outcome is the result. Increased productivity can be tangibly measured after a successful Team Build.

People like to win, and those that win like to tell everyone about it.  They have won the ultimate prize - The Bragging Rights Trophy.

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