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Carving the Perfect Team Sculpture

Carving the Perfect Team Sculpture - Original article from Ice Team Build Events

We are often asked, ‘what simple, but easy shape can my Team carve?’

A simple and straight-forward question, but not an easy one to give a definitive answer.


What Is the Goal or Objective Outcome desired?
Ice Team Build events are conducted for as many different reasons as there are days in the year.

If building friendship, comradery or just getting disparate colleagues to work as a ‘team’, the small group will invariably consist of:

  • The ‘Leader’
  • The ‘Artistic one(s)
  • The ‘Planner’ or ‘Architect’
  • The ‘Worker’
  • The ‘I haven’t a clue what I am doing’ person

Given these general (very general) traits, the shape needs to stimulate every one of the group.  A simple ‘Pyramid’ shape may be too simple for all but the last two participants of the Team (The ‘Worker’ and the ‘I haven’t clue what I am doing’ people).

The “Statue of Liberty”, although a great and artistic piece, will be more than likely out of the reach and ability of most and even the leader to pull it off and look like the ‘Statue of Liberty’.

Professional Ice Carvers have a natural ability and affinity with carving.  They can ‘see’ the final shape or design in their minds’-eye whilst staring at their blank canvas – the ice block.  They instinctively know where to carve, cut, blend, shave, chisel and smooth the ice to create what they want.  Making a cup of tea is a challenge for some people – carving a distinguishable or recognizable shape from literally a blank block could be way off the scale for a number of people!

A much bandied phrase in just about everything we do today. However, it is true and good advice. “Keep It Simple”.

Overly complicated designs need not only masses of time to complete, but also ‘know-how’ knowledge and skill; something most people do not have.

Themes or concepts are great to have and select.  However, you want the Carvers to succeed in creating a sculpture, be proud of what they have carved and of course achieved as a team. A theme beyond the ‘eye-hand-brain’ capabilities could spell disaster and demoralization.

Free Will
Giving your carvers the free choice of what to carve is generally (but not always) a great idea. They can be creative, show flair, show ingenuity and even fail without humiliation in the office. If you work in a creative environment – the carvers will relish the chance to create something they have thought up and executed.  If on the other hand it is a non-creative business you are in, most participants will welcome a chosen theme or design.

It all boils down to what you want the objective outcome to be:

  • Fun versus Assessing their abilities
  • Team collaboration versus a creating a perfect Masterpiece
  • Bonding versus arguments


Harmony, success, excitement, fun as well as a sense of achievement can and in 98% of cases, does happen. Planning and forethought are required.   If in doubt – we are here to help!





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