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Do You Tell Them?

Do You Tell Them? - Original article from Ice Team Build Events



There are two schools of thought when it comes to telling your staff or colleagues about a forth coming Ice Team Build; should you tell them in advance or let them know on the day?

Go on, tell them.

Many employees (whatever position) love to take ‘breaks’ from their work – not just for a cigarette or e-cig outside in the shelter, but a break away from what they are doing every day. They’re ‘in work’ but not working.

You know your employees better than anyone.  Do they exhibit excitement behaviour when a new project, product or proposal is about to be announced?  Do they quiz you about it; asking questions and wanting to know more - before the announcement?  This shows enthusiasm, eagerness for something new to challenge them.

Telling your employees or colleagues they are having an Ice Team Build in their office in a ‘week or two’ can have an enormous beneficial effect. It is something for them to look forward to with zeal and excitement.  This ‘build-up’ can motivate staff especially if you mention it is only for “x” amount of staff and not everyone.  Who wants to be left out of this sort of event?

The company business – what you actually do on a daily basis will have a great bearing on the employees’ attitude and freshness to improving things in the working environment.  Everyone gets stale at some point – fact of life.  To lighten the atmosphere, add a touch of joie de vivre and to boost morale; telling employees of an upcoming Ice Team Build may be just the thing to do.

Oh no, must I talk with my colleagues?

The other side of the coin are those that dread anything new happening in their working lives.  They are the status quo brigade. It is just these sort of employees that need a jolt; something different to alter their perspectives on the job they are doing. They might be good at what they do, but for most people, things can be improved with a little help or group interaction.

Telling or informing this group of employees/staff in advance may not work.  They would have time to assemble an armoury of objections, build up a workload so they cannot attend or even make appointments to be away from the office that day.

Tell Half of them…

Creating a ‘them and us’ tension in the office or work place is not a good idea.  Tell them all or tell none-of-them.

Some companies run Ice Team Builds twice a year. The first one is sprung on them – a complete surprise.  For the second Ice Team Build event, they are told in advance.  This is used by savvy managers as a split test – just to see which idea works best with which employees.  Getting to know the psyche of your staff as a ‘group’ is very useful information for all sorts of things – even down to corporate parties!

Creating the right build-up to the day and the event is crucial.  However, the only way you are going to know what the right approach is – is by you knowing your staff.

A compromise is to tell the staff ‘something is going to happen – something good, fun and exciting’, but not what it is.  Leaving clues is a great idea – but not so they guess it correctly days or weeks in advance.  Leave them guessing until they walk in to the room the Ice Team Build Event is taking place.


Happy days and great excitement.

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