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Pros and Cons of Team and Ice Team Building Activities

Pulling together with Ice Team Build Events

Psychologists, Behavioural therapists and Work Analyst professionals have come to a massive conclusion – Team Building has enormous benefits not just for the colleague, employee or participant but for the overall company and good of the working environment.

Here are some of the Pros and Cons that need to be considered:

The Pros

  • Increased moral within the department, group and company
  • Improved willingness, keenness and preparedness to share ideas and thoughts
  • Motivated to ‘work-together’
  • Increased confidence, self-respect and understanding how to work better within a team
  • Decreased stress levels
  • Better understanding of ‘how to work together’ (getting to know each other better and in a different way)
  • Keenness to share ideas
  • Greater harmony in shared goals and targets
  • Objectives shared gives greater unity and empathy

Like all things in life, there are also the potential downsides or ‘Cons’.

The Cons

  • Loss of work time – if companies are working to a deadline. Short up to 2-3hour Team Building sessions are on the increase.
  • Resuming of the status quo. Team Builds (of any kind) are not ‘not one-offs’ and need to be repeated. After any Team Build, the euphoria, the high and harmony will continue, but only for a period of time.  A follow-up Team Build will have to be organized to continue the gains the first Team Build has generated.
  • The actual cost.  The fee charged by the Team Build company, (or fee direct to the Activity company) the travel (bus, coach, train etc) to the Activity, the ‘extras’ (lunch, coffees and so forth) as well as lost ‘money-making time’ of employees being off the job have to be factored in.

Benefits far out weigh the Cons.  Where every penny counts in business today, watching the bottom is a vital role.  The key asset in any business of whatever size are the employees; the work force.  They are vital in not only securing business, providing the goods/services but also producing repeat business and a good client-company relationship throughout every department or sub-sector of a business.

An Ice Team Build is a ‘short’ Team build activity lasting anywhere from 1 ½ hours to a half day.  The usual being 1 ½ - 2hours.

Teams or groups of any number can be accommodated.  Ideally between 6 and 30 to obtain the maximum benefit and comradery.


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