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A Team Build for Everyone?

A Team Build for Everyone an orginal article from Ice Team Build Events

Just hearing the phrase ‘Team Build’ can put the fear of God into some people. Thank goodness not everybody.

If the activity decided upon is fun, exciting, different and with just (or at least) a modicum of challenge, it will be welcomed as awesome and worth doing.


Are all Team Builds fun?
Surprisingly, not every Team Build on the market offered is fun, exciting or rewarding (except perhaps for the organizer and the supplier). The challenge is thus to choose an event that presses all the buttons. The more artistic, mental and physically challenging the activity is, the more potential success you will see - the Affective Outcome.

As a Manager, MD or head of HR, a Team Build may be the most important thing you ever do as an investment in and for your staff or people.

Team Builds work on many and diverse levels.  Within most organizations, it has been found that they  help and contribute to build on communication channels, trust, as well as helping build collaborations between people and departments. They also to help mitigate conflict within the workplace – a very important aspect in the current work place environment we all share.   It is one of the most, if not the most effective activities to bring people together.


The Bottom Line
It is people that make a business work.  If the Team build is sufficiently challenging and fun (fun being the operative word) it will have the effect of engaging employees long after the event has passed.  The knock-on effect is an improved company or corporate culture which; if that is achieved, it will certainly have a direct affect on the Company’s bottom line.


Boring or Show-biz?
Let’s face it, some Team Builds are lame and are a tad lack lustre; though they may have seemed a good idea at the time, thy can totally miss the mark and can back-fire.  Evaluating the Team Build activity and the staff is vital.


So what makes a GOOD Team Build?

Pizzaz; something out-of-the-ordinary, interaction, mental stimulation, physical challenge (not brawn and muscles), not being able to cheat, lie or wriggle-out (though some lesser-mortals may find it amusing…).  Sounds harsh, but that about sums it up!


Is it worth it?

Many companies big and small invest in education in their staff - be it continued training, personal development or an on-site educationalist. It may be surprising to learn there are many companies that hold regular Team Build activity days – days where the staff can bond, get to really know each other and work together in a fun way (isn’t work supposed to be fun?  Not according to statistics).

Where is the best place to hold a Team Build?

Anywhere it doesn’t feel like the office. It can be in the office, but the activity must be absorbing and transport the participants to another plain. The activity must take over their mind, body and soul where all other distractions are not even thought about.  The location of the activity is not as important as the activity itself.

How to lose them…

It has been seen time and time again that activities that are overtly ‘Leadership in content’, ‘who is the leader’, ‘who is the dominant person’ are old-hat and for the most part, do not work.

If the goal is to find the dominant character in the office, one doesn’t need a Team Build to find this out!   Team Builds are about sharing an experience, working out a fun problem or challenge and working towards a goal – whatever that may be. Each scenario is different and has different outcomes.



Trying new things together as a group may sound good, however psychologists have found that if that ‘togetherness’ is coupled with doing something happy; a happy experience, a valuable and exponential learning process is embarked upon. 

Putting people outside their comfort zones may or may not produce the results you were looking for.  A balance must be achieved for all the group not just a few.

Thinking carefully as to what you want to achieve is vitally important. An Ice Team Build may be what your Team needs to pull it together and bond everybody.  On the other hand, it may be making cup-cake making that does it for your staff?

The solution is to explore ideas; talk with companies and evaluate what you want to achieve from the experience.

Call Ice Team Build Events – it may be a solution you are looking for.

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