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Team Build Trends for 2018

Team Build Trends for 2018 - original article from Ice Team Build Events

2018 will mark the half-way point for BREXIT talks. In the UK, many companies both big and small are still uncertain as what the real outcome will be - good or bad for them. 

Politicians are using the two most un-useful words ever to be put together - trying to put a brave face on things and hiding their own uncertainties. They keep re-iterating the phrase they want a “Good Deal”.   It all depends on whom you talk to as to what a “Good Deal” means.  For most people it is a meaningless phrase. Great as a sound-byte, but what does it mean?

One can debate endlessly (as it is on TV every day) but most of us have no control over the talks, negotiations and what happens in Brussels.

All this is having an unnerving and knock-on effect to businesses around the country. Putting all the negativity to one side, it is now more than ever important that businesses in the UK invest time, effort and money into its staff to move forward and safe-guard their future– whatever the BREXIT outcome is.

All businesses are Teams; pulling together for the outcome they need; to produce the services or products they can sell. In a proportion of companies this is simply not the case – they are not ‘Teams’.   Employees are hired by Management with different personalities and traits for a particular job the company needs. Their skills may be great, but if they cannot work with others – it can (and does) cause a problem.

Setting Goals to supersede 2018 trends

To enable the company to move forward as an entity, everyone must not only ‘get-on’ with each other professionally, but also be able to produce the results the company needs and within specific times frames.  This is team work. Teamwork is knowing each other’s strengths and weaknesses and building positively on that.  Successful companies build this into the fabric of their daily life.

Spotting industry trends.

This can only be achieved with real Team work; everyone freely within the company working and contributing. Fear of being ridiculed is very common. Good ideas can easily be missed.

How does a company know if they have achieved their goals and is moving forward? 

Setting benchmarks. A team that works together can over-achieve by astronomical percentages. However, a group of people working together is not necessarily a Team.  Creating the right environment for people to know each other and work effectively together is a major and key component for any business. Benchmarks can be impossible to meet if colleagues are working in isolation.  Only when a collective consciousness is in place can real strides be made forward.

Not every person is a Team player – by choice or unwittingly.  One way to bring someone into the fold is to create an environment where they are accepted – as a person and their ideas.  Team build activities is a one solution.  A one-off event will not right the wrongs and make everything perfect.  Like all things in life, it is practice and consistency in trying.

In the Ice Team Build Events we have staged and presented, we have seen people flourish, develop, obtain an inner confidence and gone-on to make a real difference to and with the company.  As the old Chinese proverb says, ‘You can give a man a fish and he will feed himself once; give him a fishing rod and he can fish for himself for life’.


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