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Dictionary Of Team Build Terms

Looking for help with a particular term, phrase or word? Not sure what it means? Simply SEARCH, SCROLL or SELECT from the letters below to find the word you need explaining:


Action Planning Action Planning: This can be a document or a verbal list of steps that a person or a group must go through to achieve the goal or... more
Affective Outcome Affective Outcome: With goal setting, an Action Plan and a clarification of the role each person plays within a group, Team Building... more
Cognitive Outcome Cognitive Outcome: The knowing or the perception of what the outcome will be at the end of the Team Build. This can be immediate,... more
Colleague Colleague: A fellow work-mate, team-mate or person you work along side with in a business, enterprise or profession.
Critical Thinking Critical thinking:       There are many definitions of this term, however it is widely defined in Team Building as 'an objective... more
Debriefing Debriefing:     A meeting in the Ice Team Build context, that takes place just after the carving has been completed or shortly after.... more
Dictatorial Management Dictatorial Management:   There are two main styles or categories of Management: Autocratic and Democratic. Dictatorial Management... more
Experiential Learning Experiential Learning:   Learning through the process of experience. Sometimes colloquially referred to as "learning through... more
Goal Setting Goal Setting:   Prior to starting on an activity (Ice Carving), identifying what the Individual, Group or Team wish to accomplish at... more
Interdependence Interdependence:   The dependence on two individuals (or more as in a group or Team of people) on each other for help, guidance,... more
Participant Participant:   A person that participates in the Team Build.  They may or may not be a work-mate, team mate or even a person you know... more

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